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About Us
At Watauga Lake Vacations we really care about our property owners above all else. Without you we wouldn’t be in business. We know how hard you  worked to buy your property & we’ll work just as hard for you!  Enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is cared for just as we care for and take care of our own properties.  We built our business of serving property owners using the same model we used for our own vacation rentals.  Leverage our success to earn better profits while saving time & money.  Rely on our local knowledge for the ultimate guest experience.  You’ve likely heard all this before, but we’ll make it real. You can pick any property on our website and we will introduce you to that owner as a reference. Each of them knows we care about them and will be happy to talk to you. We are only taking on a limited number of properties so we can maintain our focus on this singular mission of owner care. When you’re ready for the attentive service you deserve, please reach out to us!

Life is a series of relationships and trust is the most important part of any relationship. Being an honest company makes it easy to build a relationship based on trust with our homeowners. All of our homeowners are able to call our office at any time and speak to someone about their rental unit; a homeowner is never avoided. In fact, all homeowners have the personal cell phone of the owner of Watauga Lake Vacations. We are a family owned business and even though everyone is not related to each other, we are one big family. We have a very dedicated staff with very little turnover so our homeowners usually meet every employee who works there and many have developed friendships with the staff.

Watauga Lake Vacations is a locally based company, which means the people answering the telephone and making the reservations are located in Butler, not in a different state as with other rental companies. We offer 24/7/365 emergency service. Our office is open every day except for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, but we still have online reservation capability day or night 24/7.

Dynamic Pricing
Our objective is to optimize the pricing structure for each home that will maximize its rental income potential. We continuously set and adjust daily rates based on many factors including market conditions, community occupancy rates, holidays and events, seasons, property demand, and last minute factors.

Great housekeeping is at our core. It is paramount to you, the homeowner, and our guests. We have low turnover compared to other companies in the market, enabling our team to be familiar with your property and maintain it as best as possible. Experienced housekeepers have consistently provided our guests with clean vacation homes for many years. We realize how important it is to guests and owners that they find clean and neat accommodations upon arrival. Your vacation rental will be professionally cleaned to the highest standards after each guest’s use and at any other time at the owner’s request.  We also have random quality control inspections, to ensure our high standards are maintained.

A well-maintained home is an important part of a positive vacation experience as well as your long term return on investment. For existing vacation rentals, that means constant maintenance and improvements are needed to keep up with this changing market. In addition to keeping owners informed about the condition and maintenance requirements of their property, our in-house maintenance department provides timely responses, 7 days per week to guest-reported maintenance problems. A software work order system is used to record and track all maintenance work performed on each home. Information on maintenance work completed and monies expended from the owner’s account is shown on each monthly accounting statement.

Guest Services
The success of our mutual business depends on excellent customer satisfaction which translates to repeat/referral business and maximum rental income. Our guests are on vacation and they expect an enjoyable and trouble-free experience beginning with the first contact with our company. We believe in this so much that we use proprietary software to help us manage the guest experience. We even have a person dedicated to managing the guest experience from the time they book until after they leave and everything in between.

We have a dedicated marketing agency that manages all of our marketing needs. They have a dedicated team who are specialists in the vacation rental marketing industry. We believe you should do what you are best at. We do not do marketing in house, but we choose to outsource to the best companies on the planet to ensure we are getting in front of the right people at the right time to rent your property at the best rate possible for your highest return on investment. They handle everything from website, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing plus over 10 other services related to marketing your cabin rental. We spend more per unit than the average company because we know and understand that you have to spend money to make money.